With 19 years and over 2000 shows under their belt, Tom and Frank have created something truly unique in the genre of acoustic music.  Frank's powerful vocals and Tom's careful arrangements of popular and classic songs create a sound closer to a live band than an acoustic act.  

Whether playing as a duo or with their 4 piece band, Tom and Frank's high energy, spot on harmonies and ability to play virtually any song from the popular canon are why audiences call The Mediums one of CT's best!


"OUR FAVORITE GUYS!!!!! Frankie n Tommy you guys are awesome!! 1 of our favorites.To be able to play anything the crowd shouts out, laugh, have fun with songs. Very versatile. Frankie Valli to Paul McCartney to Prince and Motley Crue. Always be there to support Love you guys!!!!"  Dana

"You guys are awesome! We stayed an extra hour to listen to you guys!" JT

"You guys rocked it! I danced and had a blast! We were supposed to leave early but stayed until the very end because of the great songs you played. Thanks for a fun night!" Lisa

"Enjoyed your set very much and didn't want it to end. Awesome mix of music. LOVED IT ALL!" Debbie

"What a party!  We can't thank you enough for the awesome job you did! All of our guests, young and old alike, commented on your work. You guys weren't just entertainment but part of the party. We couldn't be happier." Paul and Karin